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Galata Express

Galata Express

The album cover illustration is a glimpse into the streets of Istanbul—a visual representation of the sonic landscapes that Galata Express creates. Towers of musical notes rise against the canvas skyline, creating a cityscape that mirrors the diverse elements found within the album.

A dynamic composition unfolds, mirroring the ebb and flow of Galata Express’s music. It’s a visual symphony, inviting viewers to anticipate the dynamism and diversity encapsulated within the album’s sonic spectrum.

A chromatic harmony resonates through the album cover, much like the harmonies found in Galata Express’s music. The vibrant palette reflects the spectrum of emotions, tones, and moods that listeners can expect to encounter. It’s a visual prelude that teases the kaleidoscopic richness awaiting those who immerse themselves in the album.

Woven into the illustration are intricate details that beckon closer inspection. These details are not mere embellishments; they are visual motifs that hint at the layers within Galata Express’s compositions. Each detail becomes a visual cue, offering a visual narrative that complements and enhances the listening experience.

CD illustration
Famous Istanbul tram with color palette
Drawing of girl walking
Drawings of children

Concept Sketches